Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

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Re: Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

Inigo Montoya wrote:

Brian Steele wrote:

This is great news! It's a pity that I don't have a serial i/f
cable for my Uzi. Where did you get yours? I've got a serial cable
for my Kodak, but the Uzi's connector is a bit smaller than the
usual serial mini-jack size.

My Uzi shipped with a serial cable in the box.
(see )

Did you get yours new?

In the US: Radio Shack sells about 5 different flavors of "camera" USB cables. One of them is an exact match for the OlY UZI. I remember looking at the ends and saying out loud " that one fits an OLY, that one fits a Kodak, that one fits a dozen different brands of card readers and cameras, and that one fits my Argus.
Mystic, Ct.

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