give this Nepali image a creative shot

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And pic is too large

Took forever to DL, then could only see 2/3 of it without scrolling right, didn't see any option to view it at smaller screen size, so stopped the DL, never saw the whole pic.

What I did see looked good. Suggestion about smaller brush size applied might be nicer, but it is your style/call at the drawing board.

In CS2; Image; Image Size; Set DPI to 96, it seems to work pretty good for most, then set dimension to 11 inches or 1100 pixels max for either H or W, OK: then do a 'save as' jpg to whatever quailty that creates a 100-150k file. Upload.


John wrote:

michellem wrote:

I like it except the faces. I think something a lot more subtle
would look good on their face. They look very distorted and scary.
I like that on everything else though. Perhaps there is a finer
brush set at a low opacity to give a painted look which does not
distort the facial features.

Hope that helps.


Yes, I had some problems with the faces, so I'll have to work on
that for now. The brushes I used didn't seem to work well with
small areas. Well, back to the drawing board so to speak!

Thanks for your input

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