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Nepal image workflow...

Hi Kim,

Thank you. Actually, I worked on that in the middle of the night, in the dark. Now it looks a little too dark. There's a revised version below.

Here's my workflow for Michelle's Nepal image:

1 - Original image:

2 - Convert to b+w using your favorite method. The goal here is to convert the reds and blues of the doors into the same tonality after the conversion. This way, color will be applied evenly in the next step. Using the gradient map method is one way. Just make sure your colors are set to default (hit the "d" key) then add a gradient map adjustment layer.

3 - Place the original image over the b+w and lower the opacity. The doors still appear red and blue, but they are of the same luminance or brightness now.

4 - I sampled a blue-green color from the doors, opened a new layer set to Hue mode, and painted over the red areas.

5 - Open a new layer and fill with black. Add a layer mask. Lower the opacity a little and start painting in the highlights of the image using a soft black brush. Here's what mine looked like at the start:

6 - Continue painting and adjusting:

7 - Tweaking colors and adding some lighting effects:

The final version:

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