HP 8450 very disappointing

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Re: Thanks all!

colorgeek - don't get me wrong - I don't like the principle of junking a perfectly good printer (other than a clogged head) & buying a new one - I don't think it is a great concept for our planet!

But economically speaking, at least for the cheaper end of the market, it might be the most cost effective approach.

It is only when an initial substantial sum has been put down for a printer that this approach makes less sense & the need to have replaceable print heads becomes more important in the overall economies of printer ownership.

As most of us on here are probably looking for higher quality prints, that probably puts most of us towards the more expensive end of the printer market - even if we just restrict to A4.......& therefore replaceable print heads should be more important to us as a feature to look out for when purchasing.

If I were a printer manufacturer, I think I'd split my product range - say, the sub $200 printers I'd build the print heads in & not worry about replacement, but printers over say $200 I'd have user removeable & replaceable print heads.

For the record, I don't like Epson's built in approach (we got caught out with an Epson printer at work which clogged & would not clear) I have an old HP inkjet at home & like the fact that I can relatively cheaply & easily change the print head if I get a clog that cannot be cleared......but I don't like the cost of the ink refills when the heads not clogged!.......I think I'm talking myself into a Canon here....but wait they don't create long lasting prints (well up until August this year they don't from what I have just read).....looks like my ultimate printer might only be a few months wait away.....if/when they bring out an 8+ ink printer using the new inks......start saving now.....

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