Not so Nice - Online order 8080

Started Jul 8, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Not so Nice - Online order 8080
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When WILL people learn to stop ordering from the New York slugs?
They were selling the 8080 months ago, stripped of all accessories.
Charges were on the order of $200 for the "optional" battery charger,
$250 for a 250m memory card(!) not to mention the USB cable, the included
memory, the lens hood.
Modern Photography, years ago said anyone wishing the very best service
should be willing to pay at least 20% more than a cut rate joint
for the same thing. Now, you've got people wasting their time, hunting
around for days just to save what could amount to 4-5% of the cost
of an item. No wonder Walmart now rules the U.S. retail scene.

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