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S2 vs DSLR

Thanks for your comments. Firstly the shaded pics question - it is all about metering and messing around with the 3 metering modes - evaluative, spot and centre weighted, which can be accessed via a dedicated button while you are using one of the creative modes. I was shooting in P mode, and the advantage of a p&s is that you have a live preview, so you really can meter the scene exactly how you want just by seeing what result you are getting on the LCD before you capture the image. I use the LCD exclusively to shoot and could not be bothered with the EVF which I find difficult to use.

Compared to my 300D: A DSLR and a p&s are two differnt animals. The S2 lacks the clarity and resolution of the 300D obviously. The metering on the 300D is excellent, but the S2 has the advantage of live preview as I stated above so you can mess around and meter on different areas of your composition until you get what you want. The 300D is more responsive for action and its easy to prepare and get a shot and even get an unprepared shot, but this takes a bit more work with the EVF and getting focus and getting the shot with the S2. SO for action or immediate kind of work the S2 is not in the same league. With a DSLR (and some p&s) you have the advantage of RAW - which helps if you want to recover what you thought was a good shot. Noise above ISO50 is a problem with the S2 so I shoot in ISO 50 exclusively. The 300D can handle up to 400ISO without too much noise.

Going back and using a point and shoot after using a DSLR takes getting used to but I find the S2 very easy to use, and after 2 days with it I am very happy with my purchase. It is not a replacement for the 300D. I have bought it for the reason I need a lightweight and small usable camera to take on hikes and biking, and the S2 fits the bill perfectly. It is great to know I have a camera on me at all times to capture those unexpected scenes and one that is very capable at that. For me the S2 is a nice all roound camera that I can take anywhere.

I have added more images to my gallery since yesterday. All shot in P mode ISO 50, USM and levels in photoshop and resized.


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