Canon iP9910

Started Apr 24, 2005 | Discussions thread
paperorplastic Senior Member • Posts: 1,498
Re: What you are wishing for?

I can't speak for others,
but I'm waiting for a Canon that
produces the quality of prints I get on the i9900
with the archival quality of an Epson,
or for Epson to release something
that makes archival prints
that is as good as
the Canon i9900
in detail.

(I heard that the Canon i9900 has droplets of ink
half the size of the Epson 2400. I'm not sure how much
that matters, but what I do know is that the resolution
on the Canon i9900 is so good that you can see things like
single strands of spiderwebs in the distance. So, I love the
quality of the prints, I just can't relax after hearding that they
are not archival. You put so much effort into a print, you want
them to last...yet you also want them to be as bright and detailed as possible.

Right now, it seems like you have to choose one or the other, and that's why I'm waiting.)

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