F10 Flash Challenge

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F10 Flash Challenge

Could someone please post some decent F10 Flash shots?

I asked this before. But I think it is important enough to have its own thread.

I know that F10 users shoot without flash most of the time.

However, you will find it necessary to use the Flash once in a while, when the F10 is the only digicam you are carrying.

I think one of the problems with F10 Flash shot is that it will go to the faster shutter speed of 1/100s and the Flash seems to be programmed for higher ISO settings like 800. That is definitely the case with Auto ISO. When lower ISO is manually chosen instead of Auto ISO, it will somehow result in underexposed shots. And ISO 800 shots with Flash don't look that good either

J_M2 suggests to try use the slow sync of the F10 to allow for more ambient light, which makes sense.

Setting the Flash to Slow Sync seems to allow Flash shots with slower shutter speed down to 1/15s. That is 1/15s at M mode, and even slower at SP Night mode.

Since I will shoot Flash pictures most likely with a handheld F10, I may not want the shutter speed to be 1/15s or lower.

What I would do is to start with ISO 80, and after setting Flash to Slow Sync, increase the shutter speed by moving up the ISO. That is, start with ISO 80, and keep choosing a higher ISO until the shutter speed goes up from 1/15s or below to the range between1/20s and 1/60s.

The idea is to use the lowest ISO possible, while having long enough shutter for more ambient light, but not so long that it would cause blur.

And that seems to work somewhat better with ISO settings below 800.

Slow Sync at M Mode and Slow Sync at SP Night Mode seem to meter differently. While SP Night Mode could go slower than 1/15s shutter, it also seems more eager to choose a slightly faster shutter speed for values over 1/15s. Don't know which one gives better exposure. I have yet to experiment.

What a way to do "shutter priority" trying to correct F10's Flash programming abnormality.

The bottom line is, NOTHING IS AUTOMATIC ABOUT F10.

Please do post some successful F10 Flash pictures.

Many thanks in advance.

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