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Thank you . . .

for the lengthy explanation. I copied and saved it which will help her set some goals.

Yes, I thought a couple were a little oversaturated, especially the pink begonia/geranium/not sure what and even the violas I liked so well. Even so, like they say, it made them pop. I think the sat can be set down a little as a matter of taste. I did think the double rose pic and tiger lily were right on, saturation-wise.

Thanks for the comments on her picture. I noticed the blown highlights but they weren't anything near some of my boo boos during my learning curve with my p&s. I liked it anyway, and she was so proud of it.

I'm trying to urge her to learn where the exposure compensation is and how to bump up the ISO for some lit-up indoor shots she's been doing. I can't do it all; I did go through the review, but I would need to see the manual to help her with all the different settings.

I was surprised you were confident enough to go full manual, and I do understand the basics of the histogram but not the finer points and moving things right and left. That's something I'm not quite ready for yet except for night shots which I've done quite a bit with.

For those shots, I probably would have gone aperture priority at about between 4 and 5.6 like you used and let the camera pick the shutter speed, adjusting the exp comp if highlights look blown.

Thanks again for your response.

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