D.I.Y. instructions$2 light sphere -ish thing

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Re: Awww...come one....that cost more than $2

Hi E1derful

I bought the stuff at my local "Dollarama" where everything in the store costs $1. It actually cost me $2.30 if you factor in the sales tax.

The dome is a harder frosted plastic and the white lid part is softer plastic.

The top part of the taller container is used as the coupling to the white lid, making the mounts interchangable for various flashes. It cost me another $2 for the other two containers to get more lids for extra flash mounts.

Maybe the dollar store concept is a Canadian phenomenon?


I don't think I'm ready to sell these things on ebay. Probably cost 4 times more to ship than to make.

E1derful wrote:

Plastic stuff like that in my neck of the woods would cost at least
$4 each.

I like it though...

Looks nice and small compared to the light sphere.

Could you elaborate on the materials used again?

maybe sellt hem on eBay...I'll take one.

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