My new 2400 compared to my 2200

Started Jun 20, 2005 | Discussions thread
Michael Friedman Veteran Member • Posts: 3,383
Re: New observation

It's not favorable. Ink costs for the 2400 are considerably higher. For one thing, the cartridges are more expensive, second, there is an additional cartridge; third (and this is still not confirmed) there may be a bit less ink in the 2400 carts than in the 2200.

On the other hand, the 4800 carts are exactly the same price as the 4000 carts. There's still that additional black being used, but ink costs for the 4800 should be pretty close to those for the 4000.


Jim wrote:

Has anyone done any studies yet comparing the ink cost for the 2400
compared with the 2200. Epson is very tight lipped on this subject
leading me to believe it is not favorable.

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