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Re: DSC-F828 Broken Battery Latch...

hey..happened to me about 2 months ago. Just got a new camera out of it.

I was still within the 1 year warranty when the camera went in for the repair. I was originally told that the repair by Sony would take 10-14 days. This turned into 45+ days because apparently, there were no parts here in the US.

So I waited and I called each week to Sony and got the same answers, parts on back order. I finally got so fed up with the Sony Repair Center not giving me a definite repair date, that I called Sony Customer Service back and pitched a big fit about the situation.

They finally agreed that 45+ days was too long and they went ahead and sent me a brand new camera out of their stock with a full new 1 year warranty to go with it and took mine that was in repair at their Repair Center as trade to complete the warranty.

At this point, I'm pretty pleased but it took way too long. I was without the camera a total of 55 days..but they made good on their warranty to repair or replace at their option within a year of purchase. So whatever.

As for the battery clip thing, it's really way too weak.

I didn't abuse it and didn't stress it using it. I probably replaced the battery in and out of the grip maybe 20 times since I bought the camera in November 2004. I usually just recharged the battery in the camera most of the time, but occasionally carried a second battery for backup if I was shooting alot of video. That was the case when the clip broke.

I was switching out the battery trying to shoot video at a wedding and I was in a little bit of a hurry trying not to miss something. That was where I screwed up I think.

It failed when I slipped the battery into the battery slot at changeout and I let the clip 'pop' back into place with a 'cllick' when I seated the battery.

That seems to have been the problem. After a number of these sort of battery insertions over time, it eventually snapped off.

I also now own several Canon DSLR's that employ a similar clip retainer in their grips and I've in the past owned both the F707 and F717 and never experienced any problems in those cameras with the battery retaining clip. Needless to say, I use them much more gently now in all my cameras as I don't want to go thru another protracted repair over it.

Never had a single repair or performance issue with the F828 otherwise. I thought definitely my 20+ battery installations in the F828 grip was not overuse. I was shocked when it broke to tell you the truth.

So I think this is something the F828 has a weakness for and Sony knows it. If you have played with the camera with the broken clip, it's certainly possible to use the camera fine without the clip retainer functioning. But the battery poping out when the grip door is opened like a jack-in-the-box is really not something I liked.

I really think Sony should recall the camera and have a newer, more robust clip that is stronger installed or maybe the spring at the bottom of the battery chamber should not be so strong. It really pushes on the battery when it's installed and thus there maybe too much pressure on the retaining clip and over time, it may actually be the thing that weakens the clip tip itsel until it finally fails.

But I doubt they will do anything since it's so late in it's production run that it's not feasible probably. I asked Sony about what the cost would be to do a repair if it wasn't under warranty and they never answered me, saying each repair had to be estimated separately on a repair-by-case scenario.

During the delay on the repair, I questioned the Repair Center about what parts they were waiting for to fix the clip. I was told about 4 parts were on order. They were waiting on a whole new inside grip assembly that housed the battery compartment, etc. i was surprised it was requiring so many parts to fix one little thing, but that was what I was told. So I can only imagine what the parts and labor on teardown and reassembly would be if out of warranty.

So good luck with it if it happens to you. My advice is. when putting in the battery, gently slide the retaining clip aside and insert the battery and then gently slide it back over to hold the battery and then close the compartment door. Don't just quickly shove the battery in and let the clip pop back and forth when locking the battey in. You should get better results that way over time. I learned my lession.

If it's under warranty, maybe you'll be liucky like I was and get a whole new camera out of it. As far as that went..I couldn't be happier. But still, too much horsing around over such a dinky part that shouldn't be so fragile in the first place.

Tim Q

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