Nikkor 10.5 or Sigma 10-20 / or both ?

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Re: Nikkor 10.5 or Sigma 10-20 / or both ?

Andrea Crema wrote:

Looking at how the angle of view will compare between the Nikkor
10.5 and the new Sigma 10-20 (at the 10mm end) are they the same ??

I am having difficulty in choosing, and am awaiting reviews on the
Sigma. (as I have concerns regarding what people say about QC) Have
even thought about the possibility of getting both, but not sure if
there would be any advantage at the wide end if they are the same.

Please let me know what your thoughts are

They're not the same at all. The Nikon 10.5 is a fisheye. It's GREAT for select shots where you want the fisheye look - it can do what no non-fisheye lens can do. But it's not a normal lens. De-fishing is possible, but don't ever count on it as you lose a lot of quality and the edges are often quite bad, even cropped (depends on details and contrast at the edge of the shot.) Also defishing you can't use the viewfinder to frame the shot - you have to guess how it will defish. I have the 10.5 fisheye and love it, but I also plan to get the 10-20 as soon as it comes out to supplement my Nikon 17-55 and maybe replace my Sigma 15-30.

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