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N8535Y wrote:

I have found, especially with glossy papers, that when using the
measure tool to compare, that I might have several patches that are
well over 6 delta E different, sometimes over 12, and that is when
I become concerned and do averaging of the readings. I seldom have
this problem with matte papers.

I should have been more clear. The values I’m referring to are the average deltaE using the 2000 formula. Since we have 918 patches, the average is key. I wouldn’t worry about a few patches going over that. You’ll usually find that you need to let even Ulttrachrome inks dry 24+ hours to see some of the greens settle down while only a few minutes after printing, the majority of patches will have a low detla. MeasureTool will also supply the worst 10% of the patches (they all have yellow around them) and the one patch that is the worst (red around it).
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