Big mistake! What does a focus screen cost?

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Re: Big mistake! What does a focus screen cost?

B1 wrote:

Can someone tell me how to remove the focus screen to clean under
it? The search facility is down still and I'd like to "give it
bash" sometime!

Easy, it will take you about 5 mns the first time, probably less than 1 mn next time. The following description is from memory:

1. Put your camera upside down (more or less resting on the hotshoe).

2. Use a small flat tip screwdriver or similar and exert some pressure on a little spring (a projecting piece of the holding frame, right in the middle of the focussing screen). This will free the screen, which will pop up but stay in place because you put the camera upside down - aren't you clever!

3. The holding frame is now free. Lift it (it won't go, it's hinged).

4. With a pair of tweezers, grab the screen by the projecting tab firmly. Don't worry too much about scratching the tab (you don't have to though) as it is not in the field of vision.

5. Do your cleaning and place the glass back. You cannot go wrong, there is only one way it will fit properly.

6. Close the frame (tilt it down) and exert some pressure to lock the spring.

You are done. I probably took you less time that it took me to type this.



PS: I'll try to borrow a camera and take a picture. This will be my first photo on this forum.

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