Please give me some tips for indoor pictures

Started Jun 25, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Please give me some tips for indoor pictures

I too have DX7440. You indeed need some clues to get good indoor shots. For shooting moving objects you are forced to use flash, i.e. Auto Flash to get the shutter at 1/60- for images not to get blurred. With the flash the objects, that get too close will be inevitably overexposed, while those too far will be in the dark zone. So the result depends from the objects (people) location in the room and the room size all coresponding with the built-in flash range. You can get nice shots for fixed objects or people not moving with flash in Off mode, but then the shutter speed will be up to 1/8 sec and you must use a tripod. DX7440 has limited the shutter to 1/8 sec in Auto Exposure modes (Auto, Scene, P, A)without flash. Sometimes this is not long enough and you must use the manual mode judging the exposure meter to get the picture not too dark- shutter about 1/4 to 1sec.

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