What camera did you leave behind?

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What camera did you leave behind?

what was your camera immediately before buying your e1 or e300? why did you leave your last "system" and pick oly? you think you're going to stay with them?

my prior camera was a KM 7d. loved the ergonomics, control layout, etc. i'd never seen better skin tones in good light. i just couldn't get consistent metering out of it in harsh light . . . constant, pretty severe underexposure. that wouldn't have been a problem if you could just crank in a compensation (as much as +1.3 sometimes) and leave it at that, but for me that never seemed to happen. i'd shoot, look at histogram, compensate, shoot again, histogram, compensate differently, etc. etc. etc. very frustrating, but "within factory margins" as far as KM and my dealer were concerned.

i've actually had 5 dSLRs and liked something about each one of them. what drew me to oly this time was the wonderful lens lineup. yeah, there aren't 200 lenses to choose from, but i only need 3 or 4, and they've got EXCELLENT models in each of the ranges i'm interested in, and more on the way.

i think i'm here for the long haul.

michael hildebrand
juneau, alaska

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