Reflections of flash lights on skin

Started Jun 26, 2005 | Discussions thread
Chuck Gardner Forum Pro • Posts: 10,381
Silver umbrella is too specular for portrait work.

This is directly related to your question about specular light.

What is a sliver umbrella llke? A mirror. And like a mirror it will create specular light. Not only will it be specular, creating hot spots on skin, it will also be a different color temperture (cooler / bluer) than the light produced by your softbox which will give you odd color shifts between hghlights and shadows.

Use your softbox as the key light and another, or a white, not silver unbrella for fill. If you are shooting in a small white room just aim your fill light w. just the reflector against the back wall, turning the back wall into a huge source of diffuse fill.


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