R2400 review now on photo-i

Started Jun 13, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Cut Ink Cost In Half Or More!

Owners of the 2200 and 2400 can cut their ink cost in half or even better by taking the ink from Pro4000 or Pro4800 220ml cartridges and use it to refill new clear plastic refill friendly cartridges.A chip resetter may be needed if the chips are not auto-reset type.

If you are a high volume printer,an inkrepublic CFS together with the ink from 220ml cartridges will amount to even greater ink savings by eliminating the wasted ink due to cartridge switching and replacement.

With the inkrepublic system the chip remains in the printer,only the damper is switched(matte black & photo black).The printer doesn't know the blacks were changed.

No cartridges to run empty so there's no charging cycle.

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