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Re: Thanks for sharing the image, Jim.

tao.design wrote:

jmullen wrote:

I've been experimenting in getting the flash off of the camera. I
have 2 SB-800's with stands and umbrellas (going to try the
lightbox next).

Speedlights sound like a very interesting setup -- are you using it
wireless? Sound like a very convenient way to go, and pretty
portable, too.

Yes I am using it wireless, and it is very convenient as I am prone to tripping over cables! I wanted an easily portable system as I am planning to do a lot of in-home hilday portraits for families in my area. (Hey all this equipment needs to be paid for!)

This was a recent effort. I shot the executives of our company for
use on the website. Nothing dramatic yet but good experience. And
shrinking the image to 1.5" by 2" for the website covered a
multitude of sins

Yup, websized images can go a long way And that does sound like
a great experience, too. I take it the company is pleased with the
results? Looks pretty good to me.

Thanks! They liked them enough to give me a $500 award as they figured it would have run at least twice that to call in any other photographer.

Is the background here lit by the fill and key lights? How far was
the subject from the background?

The subject was about 2 feet in front of the backround. I would have preferred more but it was a small room. Therefore, the backround caught more light than I would have wanted.

Hoping to get a chance soon to try more dramatic efforts with my
kids. Thanks again for your efforts to educate and encourage!

I know what you mean, sometimes perfect lighting ratios and such
can become boring

Thanks for sharing your studio results, too. Looks like you're off
to a good start!


By the way, this was shot with the 70-200 2.8 VR. I also have the 17-55 2.8. Your reviews of both lenses were spot on! Thanks again for all of your efforts.


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