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Re: EOD1 vs. EOD2 - how much difference?

Here's a review of multiple color calibration tools and their performance across a range of CRT & LCD monitors.

Basically, I have tried the original Spyder and found it to perform as terribly as they found in their reviews - don't even bother! It really didn't do anything for my monitors at all

The ColorEyes Display ($320) and the Monaco Optix XR Pro ($350) were among the tops in performance - so you know what to buy if you have the money and truely want an excellent calibration.

The EOD1 is okay, but EOD2 is much better, 'is nearly the equal of the Optix XR" above (a top rated calibrator). EOD1 is running a average or less usually in most ratings here.

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One thing I can tell people! If you're after accurate color, first thing is to get a color accurate monitor. In this case, most monitors nowadays with sRGB mode will get you 80-90% there. The quality LCD monitors like Eizo, Samsung will get you 90% there quite easily out of the box, and Apple Display monitors basically come out looking great w/o having to do anything.

CRTs mostly are the ones that require calibration and tuning - the nature of the RGB guns really don't maintain strict absolute colors and can vary quite a bit. LCD panel colors only depend on two things - the LCD crystals (which tend to stay the same over the lifetime of the monitor), and the backlight (which only tends to fade in intensity over the life) - thus more accurate because they tend to stay the same over time.

Japanese magazine reviews have already shown the color gamut curves of many LCD panels to be quite good and matching sRGB gamut quite closely, so even with a cheaper panel, you'll likely get a better out-of-box matching to the digicam's sRGB color gamut right away or with little tweaking.


Keep in mind that even after matching 'colors' accurately on any monitor, you'll never get 100% identical colors vs. prints!

Physically, the CYMK color gamut vs. RGB displays don't cover the same area, so you'll never get a 100% perfect match, even iwth the best calibration. You'll only get a 'proof' that is close to what you'll see in print, and that's about it.


People who run after these devices thinking it'll solve all their color problems won't be happy if they don't realize these points - your monitor will still not look 100% identical to your print, and you still have to 'guess' from the on-screen proof how it'll look printed.

Color cali. devices only lets your panel display the 'closest matching color' that it can to what the image colors are - nothing more than that.


That said, for the

For me, the problem of what's on screen vs. what's on print was solved simply by buying a new LCD panel that was sRGB accurate, and then setting everything else to sRGB mode. No extra equipment, to tweaking involved, and I can get great prints w/o doing anything.

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