My new 2400 compared to my 2200

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R2400 compared to R1800 - my experience

I had the R1800 for a few days and then was able to exchange it for the R2400.

The glossy is better on the R1800. While there is a TINY difference in the gamut for the R2400, the Gloss Differential problem is a real one on the R2400, and even when it's not present, the glossiness "shines" just a bit nicer on the R1800 and from wider angles (I was comparing same photo printed on both).

As for the GD - I printed a photo of my kid holding a balloon, and there was a hotspot on the balloon reflecting the flash light. When I showed the photo to my wife she asked me why is there a hole in the photo... that was on both Epson Premium Glossy and Ilford Smooth Pearl. The problem is more than the lack of glossiness on the white spot - the problem has to do with the fact that the light color surrounding this area reflects the light differently and creating a "ring" around the area, when viewed from many angles.
I am still waiting for a spray I ordered to see if it will help.

On enhanced matte however, I had a photo with deep green background, that the R1800 printed brown, and the R2400 was MUCH better.

Overall the differences are very small and without seeing the same photo side by side it would be very difficult to tell the difference unless in extereme cases (either GD case or out-of-gamut). I expected the R2400 to be more of an improvement compared to the R1800, rather than a mixed bag, but I will probably keep it none the less.

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