My new 2400 compared to my 2200

Started Jun 20, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: My new 2400 compared to my 2200

the gd is still a real problem - some might not notice or say it's only when viewing at odd angles but this is not really the case - the gd is still totally their and the viewing angle is not really controlable - if you give someone a print or sell it - if they hang the photo at the wrong angle from their livingroom light it will look real bad - even if their viewing from straight on - that's the real problem imo - it totally depends on where someone hangs it - not neccessairly the angle they view it from - but the angle their light is coming from - if you have one lamp on in your house and hang photos on every wall - some will look real bad - and will look just as bad every night forever - this is why gloss was unusable for me on the u;ltrachrome printers and still can't be used- unless you spray your prints -

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