Ultimate hotshoe flash modifer test begun

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Ultimate hotshoe flash modifer test begun

Just wanted to give a status report. This weekend I began the test shots for my test of all the major hotshoe flash modifers. The goal is to see the difference in how flash modifiers react in different situations. There were about 30 total shots that I did in each situation, using all the appropriate flash angles for all the flash modifiers I had.

I am using myself as a subject since the mannequin just wasn't realistic enough. The only other thing I'm putting in the scene is a grey card, grey scale, and some color patches all on a 5"x5" or so card. It is suspended next to my head so the shadows it casts are visible.

Here's a list of most of the shots I did (0 degrees is straight ahead, 90 up, Side is right and left)
Stofen 0, 45, 90
Lumiquest softbox 0
Westcott Micro Apollo 0
Light Sphere with dome 0, 90, Side
Light Sphere w/o dome 0, 90, Side
Lumiquest Promax in 80/20 mode so most light goes through holes 90
Lumiquest Promax with white flat diffuser 90
Lumiquest Promax with white flat diffuser and frosted diffusion screen 90
Lumiquest Big Bounce 90
Bare flash zoomed to lens length 0
Bare flash with 14mm diffuser 45, 90, 180, Side
Bare flash with built in white card 90
translucent cutting board material in cone shape tied around 90
2.5 gallon water jug on flash 0, 90

In addition, I did some two-flash tests for reference, with one flash direct on hotshoe, and the other in the following positions:

50% of Camera to subject distance to the side, direct flash
Underneath the camera lense, direct flash
50% of Camera to subject distance to the side, off umbrella
Behind the camera, direct flash

I did this for three different Subject to Camera distances in my living room/dining room: 4 feet, 8 feet, 15 feet. The 15 foot situation involved colored walls near the flash and no walls near subject, 8 foot had white walls on some parts of subject/flash, and 4 foot had white walls very near both subject and flash.

I also did it outdoors with sun backlighting, but those tests had various problems: Wind made placement of second flash on stand difficult, sun interfered with Master/Slave wireless, and light position and intensity changed during the hour or so that it took, and sun flare crept into some of the shots before I noticed and corrected it. So I'm thinking of discarding the sun shots and sticking with no-ambient situations for the test.

My further plans are to shoot outside near the pool in my condo complex, shoot in the condo clubhouse which is a bigger room if I can get permission, and to shoot on my patio which is a small space but with dark walls. And I will shoot the light distribution the modifers cast on a blank wall, and pictures of the modifiers themselves in action to see the light distribution on the devices themselves.

Comments welcome as always.

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