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Good looking samples here, Ed

Ed wrote:

Very nice guide you have here. Just got a chance to read it tonight.

Hey, thanks for sharing these samples, Ed. I haven't seen your studio stuff in a while, these are looking good.

I haven't bought ABs or whatever yet, but I am up to 3 SB800s now.
I usually only use one or two, though. I like low key, deep shadow
portraits too much.

I've been liking some low key work myself, but I've tried to do a little more glam type stuff. I bought a reflector earlier this year and have tried to start using that.

I use a small Photoflex softbox, umbrellas and various other
diffusers and those handy light discs that Photoflex sells.

Cool, sounds versatile. I keep meaning to pick up a small transparent disc for macro use. I'd like to get a boom as well, useful for some portrait shots.

Here are a few examples of recent stuff. The first is typical of
what I like to do. D70 + 85 1.4. The second is more recent and as
you can see I am starting to use reflectors and a second SB800. The
third is all three flashes, and a portrait of, a nice plant the
wife grew.

How big is the softbox here, and how close is it to the subject?

The lighting looks good -- too bad your subject doesn't seem to appreciate it as much

This one looks very rich, I like it.

Thanks again for sharing these samples, Ed. Looking good. Let's see more, people!


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