My new 2400 compared to my 2200

Started Jun 20, 2005 | Discussions thread
Robert Snow Contributing Member • Posts: 994
Re: My new 2400 compared to my 2200

Ira, you pretty well nailed it...that is, comparing the 2200 to the 2400. I have used the 2400 now for several days, and your comments on glossy prints parallel my experience.

Yesterday, I changed out to matte black and printed several images on Enh Matte and Velvet Fine Art. They do show a larger gamut to my eye.

I measured pure black on glossy and luster, as well as the matte papers. The blacks are a little deeper on the glossy surfaces and about the same on the matte surfaces (compared to 2200).

And, yes, the 2400 is quite a bit least at Best Photo setting.

bob snow

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