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Re: Hey Ray, about f/3.6-4.0...

Raymond Bradlau wrote:

tao.design wrote:

Thanks for the context of your question, I see where you're coming
from. How do you find digital as compared to your medium format
gear in general, aside from the transition issues you mentioned?

So far its been very positive, I bought the D2h as an addition to
film (action, direct to print type sales, event work) but find I
use it much more than I ever thought. I never print huge, 10x15
often but almost never larger and what I loose in actually detail I
feel I can make up for in color, contrast by keeping the control
myself from a digital workflow. I do miss waist level finders, and
even the way MF gear works, I liked the way it would slow you down
(It was not this new AF stuff I used RB's and Bronica ETRsi's) Oh
and I really really like B&W film, I think digital can be great and
maybe even "better" at it, but there is just something special
about real B&W (I print my own) that I love.

Glad to hear digital is working out for you. I think your story is probably similar to that of many people who have added digital to their setup.

Yeah, there's just something about good b&w film that's hard to replicate with digital. The analog warmth of the tone might be one thing, but it's hard to pin down.

I really need to start printing digital B&W myself, Ive read how
you can change over the inks in an Epson to all mono and get some
stunning prints.

Yeah, there are some specialized printers and ink sets that seem to be doing a lot of nice output.

I believe the Alien Bees B800 has an output of 320 true watt
seconds. At about ten feet, I'm getting f/3.6-4.0, depending on
whether I take a step forward or backward. Hopefully my sense of
distance isn't so far off as to make that inaccurate.

Great, thats perfect I did not need an exact figure, Im sure that
even 2 of the same sized soft boxes from different vendors will
vary a stop or 2

The AB boxes have an internal diffuser as well. I don't recall exactly how many stops the unit loses compared to the naked bulb.

I cant complain, the D2h is not a "fine art" camera, even if it is
capable of producing it in the right hands, and 98% of the time 200
iso is better due to faster shutter speeds and more DOF with my
long lenses than 50 or 100 would be. (I shoot motor sports also).

I admit I've become rather adjusted to ISO 200 as the base with my D70. The extra sensitivity does come in handy.

I would like something like a D2x to have 25 iso, not that it needs
to have better image quality there but for doing long exposures and
shallow DOF stuff, I just think it would be a nice feature

Ah, yes. I wonder if an integrated ND filter would ever be incorporated into ca digital body.

So far I've been pleased with the Alien Bees products. The strobes
themselves are great. The accessories, less so.

I will give them a look, will the AB's only take their own modifiers?

I think an adaptor might be necessary for some brands, not sure if their speedring is proprietary.


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