How I Lost Lens Shade and Cap :-)

Started Jun 16, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: How I Lost Lens Shade and Cap :-)

Mall wrote:

Took some shots of a
sunsett and took off the
shade and left it on a fence post. wandered of home feeling hapy
I'd got some nice shots. when I got home I discovered the lens
shade was missing. i was gutted they cost £15 for a new one and it
dosn't say Konica Minolta on it. So I went back the next day for a
look and it had gone bummer. Any how 3 weeks later i was going
past the same place and there was my lens shade on the fence were i
had left it. Were had it been and how did it get back onto the
fence post?
Spookey or what?

Might need doctors advice? (but hell, that will be more than £15...)

They could make a device in the lenscap, and a sensor system in the camera that gives an allert if the distance becomes more than one meter.

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