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Some additional steps that I didn't mention earlier.

The combination of the Artic and Fresco tamed the Artic here (I also cut down on the gain too; I don't usually mention precise steps, so I ask for forgiveness on this). When I go for a more flowing result, I usually start out with an image 4 times smaller, run either a Bad Brush or Bad Chaulk preset, resize to original and run Artic. I did not do this trick here.

As a side note, my Art History is very weak; I need to read up more on this. I've taken Music History while in college and the periods pretty much coincide with each other during this time. But that's all I can comment on as far as Painting Art periods. You are the man when it comes to exposing facts. Though I have not thanked you in the past, you have posted many links and added a lot of info in other posts that I've taken advantage of and I just wanted to thank you for those now. I wish I could show you what's on my computer screen now (I think you would like it), but I did not ask permission from the original photographer to do this rendering, so it is just for me unfortunately. It looks very much like a Thomas Kinkade; he along with Norman Rockwell's watercolor illustrations was the inspiration that started me on my quest for photo to art simulations in the first place. I probably can't really call them complete simulations since I have to extremely interact with each piece (no real rote method yet; it all depends on my mood), so I guess I am slowing becoming a techno artist. LOL

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