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Re: A crack at pointillism. :)

lylejk wrote:

Hey Kent,

I used some of the Paint Engine's Artic and Fresco presets (sorry
that I can not remember where I downloaded the Fresco preset from;
Arctic comes from the same link as shown below) to create most of
the effect. Before all that, I used Toadies "Picasso's Last Word"
filter as a blend for just the background to give it a more
painterly look (wanted to remove as much of the photographic nature
of the piece as possible without distorting the subject). After
applying Paint Engine, I also used Xero's Improver to both smooth
and sharpen the piece from using GIMP's bumpmap filter for
additional texture.

I liked artic at first and it is still impressive on some images, but what ever knocked it down some - the fresco or toadies filter or Ximprover helps it quite a bit, imo.

Anyway, I agree that it is very
impressionistic; I believe Pointillism occurred later as part of
this same movement, but don't quote me on that.

That's correct. The 'grandfather of impressionism' Camile Pissarro dabbled in it some but the main players were the younger Seurat and Signac, who sometimes hung out at the same cafe, I think And rather than 'daub strokes', the style was dots, pretty much and not much 'fill in' between the dots, like newpaper pictures. While Monet never adopted the style, I think it influenced some of his work. His 'Bend at the River Epte' is a pattern of short strokes and one of my favorites of his. I saw it in Chicago a while back and no picture or print in books do it justice.

Regardless, I still liked your result here. And, imo, it's unique. It would be hard to duplicate it in the impressionist plugin without creating a new style with particular attention to choosing or creating a vew brush family.
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