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iView - nice interface but way too slow

Johny wrote:

iView is very interesting.. takes a few sec longer to start.. but
when started it's lightning fast browsing/scolling through raws,
and it opens full size very fast to, also right click a raw and
choose where to open it.


I downloaded the iView Media Pro trial yesterday and have been fiddling with it for several hours. I love the interface and feature set but there are 2 massive problems:

1) Full size images take about 3 seconds to render when I click on a thumbnail or attempt to scroll through the images using page down. ACDC flies through full size images as fast as I can hit the page down key. I can flick back and forth between images to compare them instantaneously. Scrolling/browsing through thumbnails is OK in iView but browsing full size images is simply impossible due to this ridiculously slow rendering speed. Do you also have a delay scrolling through full size images in iView??

2) There is no way to compare images side by side in iView. I can only open one full size image at a time and there is no other comparison feature. This is a fatal ommision since I use comparisons to study my images and learn how to improve them. Am I missing something or is there no way to compare images?

I've tried just about all photo organizer/catlog prog now but iVew
seems the most usable of them all right now.
PicaJet seems clean and nice, but lacks features right now, and
doesn't show exif which is a pity, i'd like to see when a pic is
taken. Mybe it will grow to become a nice one in the end

/ Johny

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Bill Wood
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