Adapter ring + Polarizer + Teleconverter ???

Started Jun 14, 2005 | Discussions thread
orpheo Forum Member • Posts: 81
Re: Adapter ring + Polarizer + Teleconverter ???

So I did a bit of testing in broad daylight today and compared crops with / without polarizer sandwiched. In most cases the picture quality didn't change. Only when enlarged strongly, the pics with polarizer tended to be a little less sharp. But that might be due to relatively long exposure times of around 1/80s (my polarizer cuts down the available light by approx. 2/3) at full tele.

But some objects I definitely couldn't get as sharp as without the polarizer. For example a silver-coloured motorbike glinting in the sun.

See some examples at (318kB)

Now you decide. And enjoy the wunderful greek summer. Yassou!


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