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Hey Thomas--

thomas1973 wrote:

Thanks for putting this one together, it's a nice walk-through for
strobe set-up, and I like the form of using one specific shot and
its set-up. All that's missing is a shot or two of the actual
set-up; it would make it clearer how the whole thing looks and
works, but I (think I) understand it from your explanation

This one feels a little jumbled to me, as it dives into technical stuff but also lighting to make a specific image. Maybe that's just because I'm more used to writing lens reviews.

I would like to write a tutorial that maybe goes into more detail on the lighting of a specific session, maybe the lighting changes from one image to another that create which effects.

It would force me to understand all of those changes myself

This is an area I'd love to experiment with, but my lens
investments come before a studio setup... And a SB800 before studio
strobes, so it might take a while... What's the main difference
between a flash like the SB800 place on a tripod and a studio
strobe? The output?

I think your question has been well answered. The strobes will most likely have a faster recycling time, though I think the speedlights have a pretty good recycling time when they're AC-powered.

I loved the example images, nice compositions/crops, and well timed
exposures, catching some pleasing and relaxed expressions. One
thing that isn't mentioned in your tutorial is make-up. I think it
can be important in removing glare and oily looking skin, like I
think two of your color portraits have hints of. They're all good
portraits, but I prefer the shots with dramatic lighting and bold
use of dark/black shadows. Of course a more even lighting will
often be needed for portraits for specific uses, but
photographically, the shadows are very interesting! You've also

Yeah, I like the shadows, too. In that case, I'll have to send you some of the more dramatic shots from the session. Or just post them here.

gotten some very good B&W conversions there, presumeably just by
the LAB technique, because of the soft, even tones.

Yes, just the LAB technique. My conversion of choice these days for a lot of things, even if it isn't as dramatic as some more labor intensive efforts.

As always, thanks a lot for taking the time to write these
review/tutorial pieces! I enjoy them a lot, and really learn from
them too!

Hey, I'm glad they're helpful and instructive. I'm probably not the best one to write such a tutorial, as I don't use my lights that much, but I hadn't seen anything like it on these boards, as far as I can remember.


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