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Raymond Bradlau
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Simple question

Nice post and very detailed, thank you for all you time and effort.

I do have a simple question, Im looking for a set of affordable strobes (3 matched monolights actually) and am trying to come up with how much power I need. Im moving from medium format (slow film, slow lenses, and much less DOF than a DSLR)

Ok so now Im digital, minimum ISO of 200, more DOF, MUCH faster lenses, I am finding I need to shoot at f4 or larger aperture to throw the background OOF with an 85mm lens...........I will spare you the rest of the details and get to the question now.

If you use 1 AB 800 with the 36" oct softbox at 1/8th power what reading would you get (aperture) on the light meter at say 10 feet at 200 ISO? This may sound very stupid but you can take 3 strobes from 3 manufactures all with the same watt seconds or GN and get 3 VERY different real power levels.

My lowest rated unit (Elinchrom) is actually the most powerful?!?!?, My trouble is now having way to much power and having to shoot at f11-16 is just not working Im hoping the AB's will go low enough for shallow DOF work


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