Adapter ring + Polarizer + Teleconverter ???

Started Jun 14, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Adapter ring + Polarizer + Teleconverter ???

I do this exact thing all the time. In addition, because I leave
the adapter on all the time with a UV filter on the end, I actually
have 2 filters between the adapter and the teleconverter. I don't
notice any change in the photo quality.

That's great!

I'm not sure on the wide
angle as I haven't gotten that yet. Also, remember the adapter and
teleconverter will both block your onboard flash and viewfinder

Yes, I know that, I have to use an external flash (although you mostly use the teleconverter to shoot long distances, where the flash is mostly of no use). I also don't usually use the viewfinder as it doesn't show what camera will really capture.



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