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b&w conversion: easy!

Morke wrote:

First - thanks for sharing - I was looking for something of the
kind for a while.

Hey Mor, I hope it was helpful.

May I ask about your B/W worlkflow - what techniques you use to
convert from color? any special plugins or a few photoshop actions?

I use the same conversions for all of the monotone images, which is the LAB color mode method. I find it gives a very nice rendering of highlights and skintones, treating those features a little more delicately than other methods.

Here's what you do:

LAB b/w conversion:

1.Convert the image from RGB color to LAB color (image> mode> LAB color)

2. In the Channels' palette, you will see see four channels: Lab, Lightness, A, and B.

3. Delete all but the lightness channel. In practice, this means deleting A, for example, and then deleting Alpha 2. Try it and you'll see what I mean.
4. Convert to grayscale (image> mode> grayscale)

I've created an action to automate these steps. I prefer this method to using the channel mixer for portraits -- it consistently provides pleasing results with zero effort

Let me know if you have any questions.


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