Adapter ring + Polarizer + Teleconverter ???

Started Jun 14, 2005 | Discussions thread
orpheo Forum Member • Posts: 81
Re: Adapter ring + Polarizer + Teleconverter ???

hello George

I know, it's expensive. But worth it, if you need a little more range now and then. Of course it means two pieces more to carry around and screw on, yet I never noticed a quality problem with my 4MP. Since G6 still has the same lens as G3, I think it should work out fine even wiht 7MP.

Well, playing around with "your" combination a bit today, I noticed that autofocus seems to have a little more trouble focussing at times. But this was a rather low light indoors situation, which is not your problem. If I get around to it, I'll try a few shots outdoors tomorrow. It's supposed to be sunny here
But the pics were nice and sharp as usual.

But did you ever try the ND function? I mean instead of using a polarizer. I've used it once in a while and it seemed to cut down light fairly neutral.

greetings, orpheo

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