Help Needed for PP of RAW from G3

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Re: Help Needed for PP of RAW from G3

hello Raymond

I'm a fairly experienced G3-user (although wouldn't call myself an expert) and still think it's a very good camera. For everyday-usage it delivers great jpegs as long as you use full resolution an at least "fine" quality. I always use "superfine", after all, what's lost at the beginning is gone forever.

I hardly ever use any of the "effects" and all settings are neutral (=0). The effects and settings are much to crude for my taste. Whenever possible I use ISO50.

I do use raws, whenever I do "special" pictures of which I know from the start, that I will want to process them further. Or will have to, because of difficult lightning conditions or when the motiv is too far away, so I will have to enlarge the interesting section.

In 90% of all cases I use Canons File Viewer Utility with "Camera" settings (exept for correcting whitepoint if off) and convert to - depending on the quality - 8bit or 16bit (only with "faulty" pics that need a lot of correction) tiffs. Practicly all postprocessing is done in Photoshop CS, exept for de-noising, for which I now use Neat Image. Conversion back to jpeg (or whatever) is always done as a copy and at the very end. If anything more has to be done, always use the "original" file in tiff- or photoshop-format and converse a new jpeg.

In those cases, where File Viewer produced strange results, I started to experiment with Photoshop's Raw-Converter and it has taken me a lot of time to get usable results. For one thing I had to crank up saturation to about 60, "overexpose" with about +0.65 and then dim the picture again to about lightness 20. That gave back most of the colour and sparkle I was used too. In the end none of the many regulators on all tabs remained unchanged and I had to start several times over because I got confused.

So after all that said, my advice to you as a newbie comes as no surprise: stick to the simpler tools like File Viewer and Photoshop Elements for the beginning and work from there. And, as already said elsewhere, get yourself a good book (from a public library if possible).

For any more specific help, I think you should describe what is the problem with the picture (instead of what you already tried to do to it) or even upload it.
Now I hope, this helps a bit...

greetings, orpheo

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