Near-far. Wide angle tech. question.

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Re: Near-far. Wide angle tech. question.

The easiest way is first to determine the hyperfocal distance for your shortest focal length lens set at its minimum aperture. If you set your focus at the hyperfocal distance the depth of field(field of acceptable sharpness) will include anything from 1/2 the hyperfocal distance to infinity. There is a depth of field calculator on this site .

An additional site with a calculator which considers more digital camera formats is :


An example:

My digital camera zoom lens has a focal length of 5.8mm at the wide end.(this is actual, not 35mm equivalent) The minimum aperture is f8.
For my camera format, this calculates to a hyperfocal distance of 8.5 ft.

If I set my camera focus on a subject about 8.5 feet away my depth of field will be from 4.25 ft to "infinity".

Hope this helps

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