Canon Lens recommendation for an imminent decision

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Canon Lens recommendation for an imminent decision

Hello I am kind of confused with all these threads about the lens, which is a good copy which is , I need to find a good blog (thread , website) in order to do my own testing after buy my next lens. Any advice?

Here’s my short history :

I recently sold a 17-40l lens because I like to shot indoors pictures without flash , now that my baby boy it’s on his way (due date 09/29/05) I would like a great walk around lens (for occasionally outdoors and a great prime for indoors, I just thinking in that configuration any comments would be appreciate ) . you know at the beginning I just thought that one all around lens it was just enough for me , then reading all this forum, learning from the people with experience I became a lens fanatic . but sometimes the better you can do is back to basis (when you realized that photography is a great hobby and for the moment you’re not going to get money from ) all I want to do with my super camera 20D it’s learn to take great pictures.

I usually print them 6x4 format (occasionally larger than that ) . so here’s my question :

If I have $1800.00 to spend and glasses that let me be flexible to occasionally go outdoors and take great pictures (soon from my little son .fast motion ) also (maybe another lens) for great family indoors (portraits, new born first days ) what kind of configuration do I need?? I would like to have Canon system since that’s why I choose Canon over Nikon . how reliable is Tamron or Sigma?

A wide angle is great but not my priority as you may think.

I was thinking in a 24-70 2.8L but no I’m not sure because of the bulky/ weight but I can handled if the quality and advantage it’s worthy and the 70-200 4L .
1.24-70 2.8L
2.70-200 4L

Or 17-85 IS mm and 70-300 IS ( I could spend a little more money on that ) but then I think I’ll lost the fast and low light capabilities of the 2.8 .
1.17-85 EFS IS
2. 70-300 IS

Any other recommendation would be really really appreciate .

(also I save some money($1000) for a good intermediate course of photography)

Please help me to decide I’m feeling sick with all lens toughs crossing my mind.

What I have now :

18-55 mm (on ebay)
50 mm 1.8 (soon on ebay )
50 mm 1.4 (this weekend)
420 ex flash

PD. Sorry for my gramma but I’m from Venezuela , now living in Miami , Fl .

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