smugmug or pbase? which do you recommmend

Started Jun 6, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: smugmug or pbase? which do you recommmend

I started out on pbase and due to the technical problems they were having last year, decided to try smugmug. I forgot to cancel after 7 days, so I have an account there as well now.

While I've been "transitioning" out of pbase and on to smugmug for several months now I've noticed a few things. Of course, I anticipate ending up having most if not all of my pictures on smugmug mostly b/c of the highly convenient bulk uploader and being able to charge easily for prints. However, there is one thing: response time. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned it but pbase is way, way faster when you click on a link in displaying the image than smugmug.

Oh well, as they say smugmug is constantly upgrading. I hope that includes processing/response in addition to features. Otherwise, it is a clear cut winner features wise.

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