From the old QV-10A to the QV-3000EX

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Re: From the old QV-10A to the QV-3000EX

That image is downsampled only in the net software. The full
sized image is there. It looks the same.

Jim J. C. wrote:
Hi Bob no probs if you don't have your broken unit anymore I was
just asking, thanks.

Yep, I'm happy with my 2 qv-3000ex units. Of course when pics are
manually or automatically downsized for viewing and printing the
jaggies and noise go away, I know that, but I also like looking at
my photos and showing them off in full res 100% zoom mode on my
monitor, that's where the jaggies show, and they do get in the way,
however slight, of the detail that is actually there.

I do miss my S70 just a little bit (macros, and a wee bit more
resolution - I love resolution), but I have a LOT of buddies who I
conviced to grab that model camera so I see it all the time. The
Fuji 6900z that I just bought and then sold was nice, definite
higher resolution than S70 and QV-3000ex, more like S85, colors and
especially dynamic range was REALLY GREAT, point and shoot was as
good or better than our casios, but I sold it because of: small
proprietary battery, price (casio is a lot cheaper), smartmedia,
tonnes of hot pixels at slow shutter speeds.

Like I said I love resolution, when Casio QV-4000 is released I'll
be right on it.


Bob Williams wrote:

In store warranty. It was replaced by a G-1. Truthfully, I wish
I had sent it in for repair. The G-1 is a good camera, but it is
not a QV3000 in my opinion. Seems funny to say that on what
is by all reports an upgrade, but both myself and my wife
consider it a downgrade. I am about 1500 shots into learning
the G-1, and I have printed exactly 1 8x10 from it. I printed
five or so a day from the QV3000. At least I am saving lots
of money. The G-1 has the great ISO 50, the swiveling LCD, the
hotshoe, and a focus assist light. It has a true RAW mode, but
it still isn't a QV3000. Now, with all of those extras, and lens
threads with cheap adaptors, you would think I would be happy.
The best I can say so far is that it does macros better, and it
has the capability of producing better shots, if you hit the lottery
and get it to do so. I really miss the point and shoot ease of
the QV3000. Right now several people are trying to convince me
that the camera does not really do what it plainly does with made
up experiments done indoors that have nothing to do with
reality. I am a malcontent I guess. I wish for the quality of my
poorly built, plastic, silly battery system, no lens threads, no focus
assist lamp, no hotshoe, no swiveling lens camera that did not
get hot enough to make my hands sweat. Never sweat buying
it over reading reviews that say the others are better, unless you
need something on a regular basis that the Casio will not do, like
really close macro work. The reviews simply do not tell the whole
story about this camera, or about the G-1. I can't say about the
others, as I haven't lived with them for a month. Would I trade
my G-1 for another Casio with a local 2 year instore warranty. I
don't know. I am looking for a 2900 or 3000 right now for my wife.
will not touch the G-1 after using it. I guess it all comes down to
the camera filling your needs. The Casio was perfect for me and
perfect for my wife. The G-1 is adequate for me, but my wife
hates it. The G-1 feels very solid, and is built like a tank. Many
people really like it. I feel about it like Phil said he did about
the D-7. Hot and cold. It takes all of the fun out of things for
me. While you are worrying about Jaggies, look at this.

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