My new hp 9800

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Re: My new hp 9800

It's now a couple of weeks later with the hp9800 and yes it will only hold two cartridges at a time but the prints are exactly what I'm after, the quanity of 13x19(I print at 10x16) are running approx 10-12 B&W per photo black cartridge. this cartridge(hp100) is slightly smaller than the 8750's, though the same viveria inks. I also wonder about so called 3 cartridge printing(excluding the new blue w/ the 8750). I have printed mono, straight B&W, vivid colored shots, all are coming in right on the money and I used the 7960 for some time which has the 3 cartridge configuration and I can't tell the difference even using the same file "negative". It's just that I took the extra $200 and purchased more paper, inks, sleeves, frames, etc. etc, of course that was a lot more than $200 I have a little show in Janurary and I have had small art shows in the past and I will not be embarassed by what this printer is putting out. I really am enjoying it, even if it doesn't have some of the smaller photo goodies. In 3 years when someone has that huge break through and something equal to say the impact of the D70 has had comes out, I will buy it in a flash. My opinion is that of just a serious amateur and not a pro(I would go to a 130 or bigger for that), but the Hp9800 has a lot of bang for the buck for me. Ain't it fun---------ron s.

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