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Really Cheap and Very Good

I have an old Canon S9000 on which I use Lyson Quad Black inks for Canon six-color printers. I'm pretty sure they'll work on any six-color Canon because there is no special software required. The inks are totally plug and play.

You can get both the cartridges and bulk inks from Inkjet Goodies in the US, or directly from Lyson or any Lyson distributor.

I use the bulk inks becuase Canon cartridges are very easy to refill. No chips. All you do is pull the rubber stopper, inject the ink with a syringe, replace the stopper and you're good to go. I can fill an entire set in less than fifteen minutes, including prep and cleanup, and it costs me around $3.50 per fill, including the cost of the carts. Inkjet Goodies has "virgin empties" for Canon printers, and I think that is the best way to go, since the cartridges are designed to be filled, and can be used around ten times each.

The results, especially on glossy paper, are very good. The ink is just slightly warm in tone. Lyson also has other solutions for BW, which you can read about on their website or the Inkjet Goodies site.

The Canon inks are dye-based, but have a very good track record for longevity ... much longer than Canon's OEM inks. This is partly because the inks are black only and don't fade as easily as the cyan and magenta inks, and also because Lyson inks are very high quality.

You can probably get started for around $500-$600, including the cost of the printer and your first set of inks. After that, maintenance (i.e., the cost of the inks) is very low.


Check it out.

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