LightSphere and OmniBounce are history

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OK,OK... more info...(many pics)

First of all, thanks for the kind replies, particulary the one urging me to get a patent! It's the second time I got such a reply. If you missed my other "patentable" idea here's the link:
About the balloon:

I put the end of the balloon over a piece of sewer pipe and then I put a cap over the end to keep the air in:

If you mount it on the camera-flash it looks like this (don't say I didn't warn you :0)

First I put a rubber band around the flashhead to make it less slippery:

Then the balloon is mounted with a sewerpipe-holder and a rubber band:

A third rubber band is the used to pull the balloon foreward. This makes sure the light is not reflected forward by the lower side of the balloon:

Here you can see the sewerpipe-holder with the rubber bands and two paperclips to hold the rubber band in place. The balloon is turned inside out to let it dry (breath makes the inside of the balloon moist):

When the balloon is really big it puts a lot of stress on your on-camera flashhead. In such a case it's maybe better to hold the balloon in your hand and press it on the flash head.

I did some more tests with the balloon (800 ASA). The first is with natural light. I couldn't get it better with the balloon. Never use a balloon if you don't need one:

These are examples of natural light with fill:

Action man studio-style:

A simple ebay-style setup:


If you want to use a huge balloon on-camera you may want to make your own flash-holder. The best I can think of at the moment is a bracket under the camera with a somewhat longer piece of sewer pipe attached that holds the balloon. Otherwise you may damage the swivel-mechanism of your expensive speedlight. If you find a good solution make sure to post it in this forum. Have fun!

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