I can't be alone...Simple Image Management Tool?

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Re: IMatch

I've tried a few:

Photoshop Elements Organizer is, hands down, my favorite for ease-of-use. None of the programs I have tried are anywhere close to being just ... right... in the way it works (at least in my opinion). It also supports versioning, and will let you write out some information in IPTC/XMP. I own it, like it, but found that it was just a little bit short on some of the things I wanted to do. It's about USD$100 list price.

IMatch is extremely powerful but requires considerably more work. Based on the criteria you [the original poster] outlined, I don't think I'd agree that it fits for you. I own it but haven't played with it in months. As of then, versioning was not supported natively, but through an external script. IMHO, IMatch also feels clunky and like I have to do more work than necessary to do anything. It is USD$50.

The organizer I currently use is idImager ( http://www.idimager.com ). It is far less polished than Organizer, but it's not hard to use (IMHO). It has native versioning support, has flexible IPTC support and a nice cataloging system. It is less stable than either IMatch or Elements but it also has grown much faster; the developer is working on a lot of neat stuff these days and is very responsive. I also like the Web gallery generation. I've found it to be the best compromise between ease-of-use and power for me. It is about USD$40.

All three of these have 30-day demos available. I strongly suggest that you try them out, because only you can really make the decision what fits.

(I have also tried ACDSee, ThumbsPlus, BreezeBrowser, etc. I found ACDSee to be too unstable and missing too many things I considered important, and both ThumbsPlus and BreezeBrowser didn't quite do it for me. IView MediaPro was nifty but I don't find it worth the $160 delta over idImager.)

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