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My beef with Autostitch

Autostitch seems to be OK for some images but there are some issues with this demo version (note that there is no commercial version at the moment).

One of the biggest issues is the total inability to mask things out. Hence if you have moving objects that are present in one but not the other frame you will get blending on them and serious ghosting.

The other issue is that it can only perform spherical projection. This is the very reason that you will never be able to get the field of view and look of a 12mm when stitching together 18mm images. Since the projection will be spherical you will get barrel distortion on all your images making straight lines bow. The Nikon 12-24 is a rectilinear lens meaning that straight lines remain straight in the picture. It seems like that the Autostitch engine has the capability to render rectilinear (planar) or cylindrical images it's just not enabled in the demo version.

If you're serious about stitching I highly recommend you trying out Realviz Stitcher, it is a professional level application with professional results. Realviz Express is $120 which is every bit as capable as Realviz Stitcher sans some extra features.

I have tried Autostitch and I was highly unimpressed by it. It is a great engine, but just as the authors claim, it needs a commercial product wrapped around it with the needed features.

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