Tri-pod socket (thread) repair gallery

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Tri-pod socket (thread) repair gallery

Howdy All,

I've wanted to show the repair to the threads on the tri-pod socket for a long time and the time just occured.

There is no verbage yet, may happen there won't be any, but for what it is worth to you brave "do it your-self types" this ought to be pleanty to get you through.

OK, so you are a bit put off, huh. Not ready to try? Makes ya feel nervous does it?

This one was done by the neighbors 13 year old daughter with me coaching.

OK, if you got this far, and you replaced the hole you made in the plastic with stainless threads, don't get to happy yet. Try changing the screw in your tri-pod from metal to nylon. At least this will give you the opportunity to ruin a cheap screw, not the socket and or the insert.

What the heck are you bunch gonna do when you rip these SS inserts out of the plastic? There isn't any room left to try to fix this mess you made twice is there? LOL!

Well, I hope that this is some help to someone.

Maybe it will save one ?

If you really blow it, contact me via e-mail. I save a few tricks if you aren't too hammer handed.

Best Regards,

PS, dave, all is well

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