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Set shutter speed higher that 1/60 sec

Terry Nuttall wrote:

Hi Sam , i am an outright beginner but am slowly getting to grips with
the d70 by following suggestions here. I attended a naming day for
my great grand daughter last night and tried to follow your recent
tips (for which i really thankyou). Unfortunately my photos came out
darker than i had hoped . i have my own 65th birthday next Saturday
and hope to take a few photos there. This will be inside as well
but i dont think i will be able to try bounce this time as ceiling
is quite
high at the resteraunt .
I have d70 with sb800 .also use photogenic ps curve v3.
camera set at wb flash , jpeg fine ,colour mode 2 ,sat enhanced,
hue -3,
iso 400 , manual f8 1/60, spot metering ttl , diffuser on rotated up

I would set it to 1/500 sec to avoid motion blur from other lights in the room, the D70 can go to 1/500 sec why not take advantage of it.

use 1/60 if you want to take advantage of exisiting lighting but be careful with motion blur.

2 clicks zoom off and set to 14mm ( i cant seem to get it to set to
24mm as you suggested).The setting was in a house with small
lounges etc .
What am i doing wrong and what would be any change i could make
to lighten up the photos next time please ?
Also i have elements 3 which i have only started playing around with
what would be the simplest approach to lighten the pics from last
I have pointed this at Sam after reading all his help to others
but any help at all would be much appreciated .
Rgds terry

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