From the old QV-10A to the QV-3000EX

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From the old QV-10A to the QV-3000EX

Hello all, just wanna say HI!! Just recently bought 2 used QV-3000 cameras and wow, this camera has got to be considered a "hidden treasure" amongst 3.3 megapixel digicams.

A lot of stores don't carry casio digital cameras, which is why I didn't look at this camera when I first started shopping a year ago. I remember a FEW years ago I had a lot of fun with a little thing called casio QV-10A. I should have remembered the brand name...

Anyways over the past year I've bought, played, and then sold to my buddies these cameras: Sony DSC-S70, Toshiba PDR-M70, Olympus C-2100UZ, and most recently Fuji 6900Z(nice camera) and SONY DSC-S85 (which had MAJOR FOCUS PROBLEMS, i tried 2 cameras, Sony tech. told me it was probably a bad batch but anyways it was frustrating. Lots of noise in s85 shots too)

I love my 2 casio QV-3000 cameras because:

  • decent lens and 3.34 megapixel ccd imager

  • great price, can be had new for $400 or less now! QV-3500 is just a bit more

  • CF and CFII card slots, hello microdrive

  • uses AA batteries, hello standard NiMH 1800mAH batteries

  • finally i get proper reds and greens in photos!!! (had S70 for a while, great camera but reds and greens in outoor shots just weren't accurate)

  • ugly and cheap feeling(in my opinion) so no-one will steal it

  • very decent macro

  • pretty low noise in pictures and pretty good dynamic range too!

  • lots of controls (some kinda hard to get to through the menus)

Casio, I'm back!! Sorry I forgot about you Mr. QV-10A

I am quite excited about the new Casio QV-4000. However, after extensively playing with 2 sony DSC-S85 units I wonder how much noise will be present in the Casio pictures, because there certainly is quite a bit in Sony's pics, and from what I read the CCD imager is the same.


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